Upcycling furniture has become all the rage these days and while it is a great way to be more environmentally friendly, it is also a fantastic way to creatively transform and re-vamp items in your home. Upcycling furniture with chalk paint, in particular, creates a unique piece that looks great and can be incorporated into all types of interior design.

If you read our blog on how to spruce up an old chest of drawers, then you might be interested in our range of stylish drawer knobs, too. If you're getting into the swing of upcycling, we have some great options to help you take your furniture from shabby to chic:

Ceramic sphere cream drawer knob

These simple but timeless knobs add the perfect finishing touch to your upcycled furniture. They contrast nicely with chalk paint and add an uplifting touch and chic style.

Grey Fusion Drawer Knob

Once you’ve upcycled your furniture with chalk paint, add these grey fusion drawer knobs for an elegant touch on the piece. These are hand finished and would look stylish on many different types of furniture – perfect for spring 2018!

Mango Wood Blue Printed Knob

These unique knobs will add a timeless, vintage look to any piece of upcycled furniture. They are ideal if you’re drawing inspiration from boho aesthetics!

Painted Flower Bone Door Knob

These beautifully hand-painted bone door knobs will make a statement on a chest of drawers or uplift cabinets in a black or grey tone. Each one is hand-painted, making them entirely unique and exquisitely chic.

Artisan Grey Stone Round Drawer Knob

When it comes to upcycling furniture with chalk paint, you might want some elements that bring out a classy, modern edge. That’s where these composite round drawer knobs come in; they perfectly suit a contemporary kitchen but can add a touch of chic modernity to any piece of furniture. As a natural product, each one is unique and features a slightly different array of flecks to create an elegant and eye-catching effect. 

There is a range of Chalk Paint available in store at the Malt House Emporium Tewkesbury

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