Whether you’ve stumbled upon a gem in a second-hand furniture store, or are simply looking for ways to revitalise your existing chest of drawers, you’re going to need to know how to install drawer knobs if you want to turn a plain piece of furniture into something chic and modern looking in no time at all!

Drawer knobs can come in every imaginable shape, size and colour. You can find hand-painted ceramics, glittering glass knobs or antique iron handles. Whatever your tastes, there will be something that suits. Drawer handles can be a subtle way to really bring a chest of drawers into line with the colour scheme of the rest of the room or transform it into a stand out piece. A large chest of drawers in the same colour as your paintwork might just look like a blob, vanishing into the wall behind it. A natural, wooden set, however, adorned with carefully chosen drawer knobs, can be a tasteful addition to the room.

Flower design Bone Drawer Knob

These very simple steps showing you how to install drawer knobs should help you bring a previously unnoticed piece of furniture into the spotlight:

1. All you’ll need to install new drawer knobs is a screwdriver. Avoid using an electric drill as this can easily damage the hole in which the handle sits and could alter the size, making it fit poorly.

2. Work out how many new drawer knobs you’ll need and be sure to have a few spare. Make a note of the size, too, to be sure that the knobs you purchase will fit.

3. To remove the existing handles unscrew them from the back of the knob (within the drawer). Use a screwdriver (not a drill) to make sure the handle isn’t damaged should you need to use it again.

Long bolts

4. If the existing drawer knob doesn’t unscrew, look for a nut and washer. If this is the case, unscrew the nut, slide off the washer and remove the handle from the front, making sure to keep track of all the small parts in case you wish to reuse them too. For handles and knobs mounted by a bolt with washer and nut - especially ceramic knobs - a junior hacksaw with a metal cutting blade may be required for cutting off excess length from the bolt. This is so it doesn't stick into the draw too much. Alternatively, you may wish to change from knob handles to cup handles, as the cup can hide the existing hole.

5. When you install your new drawer knobs, make sure they’re screwed in tightly. You don’t want them to fall out as you pull on the drawer to open it – you won’t be able to get in!

Sunrise cup handle

So there you have it, how to install drawer knobs in just 5 simple steps! When it comes to choosing new drawer handles, remember your options are endless so don’t just settle for boring shapes or bland colours! You can find antique styles, vintage designs and even letters and numbers. Add a touch of character to your chest of drawers, with glamorous, light-catching glass or traditional floral details. It’ll be stylish, charming and, above all, unique.

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