Round Ceramic Drawer Knob, pale blue outline flower and leaf design 40mm


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Simple and elegant white ceramic drawer knob with a delicate flower & leaf outline around the sides. Perfect for the finishing touch on a restored Chest of Drawers or Cabinet and equally good for uplifting tired kitchen and bathroom cabinets. They come complete with bolt screw nuts and washers for easy fixing. There may be slight variances in each, as these have been hand crafted.  Please note that you can remove the ruched cap as shown if desired and the backing plate can be placed either way (or not at all should you wish). Once you have established the length of bolt fitting we suggest you use a junior hacksaw to reduce the length - see our blog  for outline instructions

9 other blue and white knobs available in this range ....looks great with different styles on one piece of furniture.

Overall size

  • Diameter: 4 cm
  • Bolt Length: 4.5cm

Approximate Weight: 66g each