Children's Crocodile Coat Rack with 3 wood heart peg hooks


Encourage your children to keep their bedrooms and play spaces tidy by using this children’s coat rack rather than the floor. It’s good to demonstrate the importance of this from a young age rather than trying to scream it at a messy teenager 10 years down the line. We can’t promise that a coat rack will automatically solve that future problem, but it can’t hurt, can it?


Listed below are the exact measurements for this product, in order to make your experience of shopping online with Love Hooks as simple and stress-free as possible.



  • Width: 65cm
  • Height: 19cm
  • Depth: 5cm
  • Actual weight: 423g


On offer here is a very friendly Crocodile with three heart-shaped pegs in three different colours. The crocodile is painted in a gentle, soft grey with the pegs in yellow, orange and green, allowing it to integrate nicely into any existing colour scheme. The combination of the crocodile and the heart shapes makes this children’s coat rack suitable for both boys and girls.


This product is fresh, contemporary and is a perfect organisational tool for a children’s bedroom or a classroom (or to brighten up any other area of your home). The three hooks here maximise the storage potential of the product and allow for a decorative solution to the frequent over-crowding in a child’s bedroom. It’s an affordable way to make sure their coats don’t get trampled on and that you don’t find yourself tripping over all their scarves and hats in the colder months; buy yourself some piece of mind!


This children’s coat rack is made from high-quality, responsibly sourced materials and features smooth, rounded edges in order to reduce potential danger to children and stop clothes/scarves etc from getting snagged and damaged. The product is easy to hang on the wall, requiring only two screws (not supplied), as is seen in the photo.