One of the easiest ways to revamp and add some flair to your home is to add some vintage interior design to your décor. Vintage components are classy, timeless, and they tell a story which brings out the character in your home. The best part? You don’t need to break the bank to bring vintage interiors into the fold. Here are a few ways you can add some vintage flair to your home:


Spruce up your wallpaper

Vintage style wallpaper is a really great way to add flair and colourful accents to your interior design. You can go for timeless prints such as illustrated flowers or go a little bolder and opt for a vibrant graphic print from the 70s.


Ornate wall hangings

You can easily add style to your home with a few statement pieces on your walls. This is a great way to incorporate vintage interior design into your space and create an attractive feature. You can do this with virtually anything vintage - this could be vintage artwork, crockery or family heirlooms. Alternatively, you could combine style and practicality with some stylish rustic hooks, such as this Grey Ornate Hook or this classic Iron Coat Rack. Choosing vintage hooks, handles and drawer knobs for your home is an easy way to add that much-desired vintage flair. Tip: look for those timeless materials such as cast iron and copper.


Revamp vintage furniture

Giving vintage furniture a new lease of life can be as simple as giving it a fresh lick of paint! Repurposing old furniture is great if you want to bring vintage elements into your home but still want the pieces to fit in with the existing aesthetic in your space. You can also play around with the placement of vintage furniture in the room – perhaps that forgotten side table in the corner could make a great statement in the hallway entrance! Experiment with upcycling and moving things around until you’ve achieved the perfect vintage vibe.


Showcase family heirlooms

Vintage interior design doesn’t just include furniture and artwork – items passed down from your family are priceless vintage pieces which can really add character and warmth to your home. This can be virtually anything from photographs to blankets to books, So get those boxes out of the attic or out from under your bed and see what hidden treasures you may find!


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