We go all-out to decorate our homes for the colder months, leaning in to the traditions and festivities of Halloween and Christmas, so why wouldn’t we give our homes some TLC when it comes to summer interior design, too? Especially as it’s a season which offers us so much in terms of colour, style and natural beauty. Below is a list of four different hook designs that can help you add a touch of summer to your home. It seems incredible but something so small really can make a whole world of difference.

Vibrant Green Cactus Coat Hook

This hook is cast in metal, making it sturdy and durable, but is also painted a vibrant green that would catch any eye in even the most crowded room. For summer interior design, this couldn’t be better suited, not just because of the cactus symbol’s associations with heat and the desert, but because summer is full of vibrancy and life. This hook is quirky and makes a huge statement in any room, following many of the most recent summer trends and styles. This is a time for being carefree and adventurous, so make sure to bring some of this spirit into your home this summer!

Set of 5 Heart Coat Hooks

Hearts may not necessarily be a traditional symbol of summer, but this set of 5 coat hooks is proof that colour really is everything when it comes to summer interior design. These hooks are hand-painted in warm, rustic colours, giving off the aura of festivals and warm summer evenings around a campfire. The paintwork is exquisite, and the patterns are slightly 3 dimensional, giving the illusion of greater depth in colour. They come as a set but are not physically attached, giving you a chance to get creative with their placement. You could line them up as a statement piece in a more minimalist room, or scatter them throughout your home to give the impression of colourful cohesion. 

Hand-Painted Coat Rack

This coat rack is painted in a similar style to the heart coat hooks, using rustic, bohemian colours. They are the answer to your summer interior decorating needs, providing a decorative addition to any room, while also providing a practical function. This rack could be used to hang coats and scarves on in the winter, making it multi-functional, but in the summer it could be used more for jewellery such as necklaces, or for keys. Just because it’s called a coat rack, doesn’t mean you’re limited to only coats. Use your imagination and display summer on these hooks!

Traditional Wall Hooks

These hooks are a little more minimalist than the ones we’ve already discussed. However, don’t underestimate the effect they can have on your home. They are made out of cast iron, making them sturdy and practical, but their consistent alliance with summer is made possible through the variety of colours they come in (which are anything but traditional!)

A coat hook may seem like such a small addition to a room and you must be wondering how a blog on summer interior design can be based entirely on such a seemingly insignificant feature. However, effective decorating and the essence of summer both have one thing in common; focus on the finer details.


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