The kitchen can become pretty cluttered, particularly if it’s used as a social space as well as the place you cook and prepare meals. Often the hub of the house, it can quickly become a dumping ground for pens, papers, books, bags and more. So, how can you organise your kitchen and keep it that way? If your space is suffering from overcrowding and could use a little organisational TLC, here are some helpful hints.

1.Stacking shelves – It may sound simple, but stacking shelves can double, if not triple, the storage space in your cabinets. For mugs or glasses that won’t stack, or for plates that need sorting into different piles, stacking shelves offer an easy way to organise your kitchen cupboards.

2.Drawer dividers – A total must-have for those chaotic cutlery drawers. Say goodbye to the teaspoon hunt when the kettle’s on, or the frantic search for a butter knife before your toast goes cold and simply split your drawer up with wooden or plastic dividers. This approach works well for a utensil drawer, too. Use dividers to split knives from scissors and corkscrews from whisks to keep everything in plain sight and in pristine condition.

3.Ceiling space – Pots and pans take up a great deal of room in your cupboards, so why not utilise some free space and hang your saucepans from the ceiling? A kitchen pot hanger with hooks will free up your cupboards for the more important things (such as food!) and give your kitchen something of a rustic, country look.

4.Wall space – A fantastic way to make the most of the wall space in your kitchen is to install a super-useful pegboard. Hanging a pegboard can create a versatile and eye-catching frame on which to organise your kitchen. And you can use it for virtually anything from knives and utensils to pots and pans - even odd items that find their way into the kitchen, like ornaments and trinkets!

5.Baking tray battle – Clunky, noisy and never the same shapes, baking trays can be a nightmare to store. Consider removing the doors of one overhead or eye-level cupboard and fitting it with vertical dividers. If you can store flat kitchenware (such as baking trays and chopping boards) vertically, you’ll be saving on space and making it much easier to get at what you want, when you want it. Failing that, metal baking trays can always be kept in the oven when not in use.

Organising your kitchen doesn’t have to be a chore! It can actually be a great opportunity to get creative and add a unique flair to the layout and arrangement of a busy, well-used space. Hooks and shelves can accommodate anything, from pans and mugs to scales and cookbooks, so don’t be afraid to experiment and see how much space you could save!

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