Garages are often the messiest place in a household – over the years, they easily become the dumping ground for old furniture, forgotten projects, various mementoes, and more. This chaos can mean that garages are an under-utilised space but with just a little organisation and decluttering, you can transform the place into another useful room in your home. Here are a few garage ideas that will help de-clutter and revamp your space:


  1. Prioritise

Be ruthless about organising what you do and don’t need. Try going through everything and sorting it into groups – keep, donate, sell, throw away. Another useful tip is to ask yourself whether you have used an item in the past year, if the answer is no, get rid of it! Throw away or recycle irredeemable items and sell or donate (online, at a charity shop, or a car boot sale - the Facebook Marketplace app is great, too) any items of value. It can seem daunting to get rid of things you’ve held onto for years, but once you look at your new, tidy room, you will realise just how therapeutic it is!


  1. Get things off the floor

A flat surface doesn’t mean storage space. It can be easy to use every bit of the floor as storage and pile things on top of each other, but this will only ever lead to clutter and poor organisation. Instead, a useful garage idea is to keep as much as you can off the floor with stylish hooks and shelves. The benefit of a simple hook can go a long way. Magnetic strips, wall grids and corner shelves are also great features to help organise your garage. This will free up more space and make the room seem much tidier.


  1. Make a system

Designate certain areas of your garage and shelves to specific items, and stick to this system. It will be easier to keep your garage tidy after de-cluttering it if you know exactly where everything is supposed to be and can locate things more easily. When it comes to garage ideas, another tip is to label shelves and containers so as to remind you where everything is supposed to be.


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