Ball End Robe Hook For many a coat hook is simply just that, a functional household necessity that doesn't necessarily add to the aesthetic of the home - when you want one you pop to B&Q and just pick out "something that will do" and go home. Here at Lovehooks we believe that a hook is SO MUCH more than just a hook.


Let’s begin with a foundry made coat hook, wrought in iron and beaten into shape in simple forms. This style suits the older period property and blends in with old oak beams and gentle subdued lighting. Nothing fancy but nevertheless compliments the style of the home

Wrought Iron

Moving on to the Cast Iron made product,demand naturally increased in the early 18th century. Cast iron was cheaper so, later, with the industrial revolution came choice and greater productivity.

Victorian Hat & Coat Hook What we refer to as the Victorian hook, illustrated to the left, is timeless and fits in just about every house in every room where is hook is needed. Reliable and strong, yet simple making way for the more creative designer to produce a mass of decorative versions. This gave way to the Acorn hook which then led on to ornate hooks with beautiful detailing inspired by William Morris, Charles Rennie Mackintosh etc.

The Continental Hook brings a flourish of ornate appeal, baskets of fruit, berries, leaves,swags...even serpents. Great for the Rococo Styled bedroom and Hallway and for those who love a little opulence without vulgarity.

The Serpent Hook
The Albany Hook

 And then, of course, Iron can be softened a little with the introduction of Ceramic. The Illustrated hook on the left, The Albany Hook, lifts the more utilitarian Acorn Hook into a beautiful ladies hook suitable for a dressing room. We also have our particularly popular "Padstow" Hook. 

Choice is what we are able to bring across so many styles. We've not even touched on the Art Decco inspired hooks. Browse through our range. We are sure to have an interesting Coat Hook to suit your needs.

 We particularly love these hooks..

    1883    Edwardian Coat Hook    Swirl Hook    Schartnou Hook    Hotel Paris

            1883                 Edwardian              Swirl                      Schartnou        Hotel Paris

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