Designing a room is no small feat - I'm currently doing our master bedroom as I write with my hands dotted with white paint! Whether it’s a small living space or a big area for entertainment, you want to create the perfect look that embodies your character and style. When it comes to colours, patterns and ideals, everyone is different. The trick is finding a design that you enjoy and one that matches the way you live. A big part of planning and perfecting your space - bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, you name it - is having a theme that ties everything together. And to do that, you need to focus on the smaller, finer details. Here are a few tips on designing a room that’s perfect for you:

  • Choose your colours and a theme – this could be rustic, modern, urban, minimalist, the options are truly endless. Having a clear idea of your chosen theme and colour palette is vital as it forms the basis from which you’ll design the whole space.
  • Create an ideas board (a mood board) – whether it’s online or on a poster, you can use your ideas board to organise your thoughts and bring together different inspirations to find out what ties everything together. If you’re working with interior designers, this helps them develop a look that will perfectly fit your style.
  • Set a budget – when it comes to tips on designing a room, this one is pretty important. Creating a budget will help you focus on the elements you want to update the most and can often save you time and hassle later.
  • Get the bigger pieces – this means items such as furniture, which will obviously be the focal points in the room. A good tip to bear in mind when designing a room is thinking about the style vs live-ability of the furniture. You should also consider how well it fits in with the rest of your home.
  • Add the details – this is the fun part! Once you’ve put in the furniture and fundamental design aspects into the room, you can concentrate on the smaller decorations. Everything from photo frames to drawer knobs and wall hooks play a role in the perfect look - if you make sure they tie in with your chosen theme/colours then you'll be able to achieve a streamlined look throughout your space.

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