Vintage design has grown in popularity significantly in recent years, ever since making a major comeback in the Tin Plaque Vintage Soap Robe rackfashion industry but also among interior designers. It’s where ‘used’ and ‘second-hand’ has become vintage and a style of choice, rather than a victim of circumstance. And perhaps its no wonder since it oozes with style, sophistication, quality and character, with every piece telling its own story. Today, in the modern world, it can be difficult to get away from the uniformity and universalisation of branded products that lack a sense of differentiation. Whereas, vintage offers a taste of the past, offering respect and prestige for British heritage, where we don’t have to hug the past but can mix it with old and new. Its about creating a sense of charm and history through eclectic pieces, with no rules to follow but have fun, get creative and decide as you go along.

Cart Wheel Coat Hook

Vintage also offers the advantage of being environmentally friendly, since it doesn’t require the energy to produce new products but reusing existing items. Equally, unlike some of the mass produced pieces you find today in superstores, vintage items are often hand made with care and attention or made on a smaller scale and are of greater quality. Most items are one offs and rare so, whilst being different to modern products we fill our homes with today, they bring individuality.

Not only is vintage something to love and cherish and also provides the opportunity to make money, as an investment, the older the better!

So, whatever your home style why not mix it up with some antique vintage accessories such as our vintage hooks that have been created from reclaimed pieces of wood or reproduction items. All of which have imperfections purely from age, but simply add to their charm and authenticity. It’s retro, it’s fun, inexpensive and you’d be crazy not to love it; enjoy! 

                         Utensil Hook rail available at The MaltHouse Emporium

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