The Spring is Sprung and we are having a spring clean.

This may well be the first of a few "tidy-up's" as we have come to realise that the Lovehooks website was becoming less easy to navigate and harder to find what you are looking for. So we have simplified it a little by reducing the number of categories to 10 from 18 with the intention to offer a better customer experience.

We haven't reduced our products however..... so if you are looking specifically for a wood rack...simply type the word "wood" into the search option in the top right hand corner of the page and you should get just 4 pages to search through..."ceramic" will give you three pages..."cat" and you get one page......and so on. Or you can go the traditional way and search the the categories and be inspired by the options offered.

Any comments that you may wish to make about the website and what we offer are always very well received. We are here to serve YOU and your opinions matter....thank you so much in advance.

Victoria :)

                                                             Smart Cream Double ceramic wall rack

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