Keeping an organised home with kids 

As we're currently holding a SALE of children's coat hooks, we thought we'd turn our attention to keeping kids organised. Of course, every family house is going to be a bit cluttered - that's unavoidable, but you can keep the mess under control and also teach kids to keep their rooms tidy. 

We have complied a few tips for the tricky task of keeping your little ones organised. 

Noahs Ark Childrens Coat Rack
  • Have a clear out First and foremost, declutter. If you have less 'stuff' then there is less to get messy and be strewn all over the floor. Kids seem to accumulate endless hoards of toys, so regularly clear out what they don't use. You can make it into an activity by letting your children pick out the toys they no longer use and then hold a car boot or jumble sale, letting them keep the money they make as pocket money. 
  • Give everything a home If you show your children that every item has a proper place where it 'lives' then they can put the item away after they're finished. For example, teach them that their toys belong in a certain cupboard and their coat on a particular coat hook, which is low enough down for them to reach. You could even have multiple coat hooks for their coats, scarfs and jumpers, as hooks are much easier for children to use than coat hangers. 
  • Allow a bit of mess It's important to allow your children to make a bit of mess as that's all part of being a kid. Let them be creative and make a mess, but then ensure they tidy up after Childrens Ruler Coat Rackthemselves. This way they will know their actions have consequences and that they have to clean up, rather than just being punished. Childrens Froggy Frog Wall Hanger

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