Ways to revamp your kitchen on a budget to give it a Fresh new look

1. Repaint the cupboards/furniture a pastel colour to give it a fresh and clean look...grey is very much on trend
2. Visit second hand/charity shops to get vintage looking, mismatched containers to store away all the things currently cluttering up your counter. Emmaus is a fabulous charity which often comes up trumps in the larger stores for furniture
The Malt House Emporium in Stroud also has sales areas and bargains can be found.
3. Join Marketplace sales groups in your area on Facebook...bargains galore and lots of free stuff
4. Use hooks and railings to hang utensils, pots and tea-towels
5. Install shelves to create some more storage space. We have new shelves with hooks arriving later this autumn
6. Change your door/cupboard knobs and handles ......this is such an inexpensive option and can hugely change the impact of your room....we have more being added all the time

Simple Cup Handle     Aqua Ceramic ball Knob     Glass Star Drawer knob    Acorn Drawer Knob - metal

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