Bathroom Hooks

Smart French Style Robe Rack

It might feel strange to admit, but the bathroom is the most important room in your home; its where you start and end each day and perhaps the place where inspiration strikes and you get your best ideas… in the shower. 

So why is it, that it’s often the room that gets neglected and after every morning tends to looks like a tornado hit it? Also, many of us forget the importance of the bathroom until something goes wrong, like the plumbing or hot water and then it feels like your whole life becomes turned upside down. 

Quality Chrome Robe Hook

So, here’s a few tips to keep your bathroom tidy and organised, so when your guests come round and ask you where’s the bathroom, you can show them with pride. Providing some good storage in your bathroom is key, as its well known that we all have a million different beauty products, and not just the women, and as long as we have space to put them, the room can still look tidy. There are so many cabinets, tables and shelves today that whatever shape and size, you can find a perfect one for you. The Malt House Emporium has a whole host of cabinets on offer every week. Also, try to minimise clutter as much as possible, by using handy containers and grouping toiletries and beauty products together, such as shower, hair and face items. And not to mention, using hooks can keep towels off the floor and ensure wet ones are placed in the laundry basket. Moreover, managing the smallest room in the house doesn’t have to be chore but can be done with great style and you can have fun with it. In a small space, its all about the details as they can make a big impact. Make it personal and functional with some great lighting, sound storage, and a big 

Pair of Bathroom Robe Hooks

mirror which gives the illusion of more space.

We have a diverse range of bathroom hooks and racks to help, whatever your style. So, its as simple as that, keep tidy, minimise clutter, use hooks, cabinets and laundry bins to group items together. After all, when managed well, the bathroom can be a true place of solitude, where you can sit back, relax and disconnect from the world with a long bath or shower… enjoy.

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