Summer is not so far away… well almost and May is fast approaching. The RHS Chelsea flower show dates are 23rd to 27th May and I think everyone has a spring in their step and is motivated to get the most out of their outside spaces however big or small, whether you have a small balcony, courtyard or 1-acre plot! After all, as shown at Chelsea last year, you can grow plants wherever you live in all sorts of containers.

Ann-Marie Powell designed the roof garden or balcony, that was full of an array of fruit, vegetables, flowers and herbs, as part of the RHS Greening Grey Britain for Health, Happiness and Horticulture, proving that wherever there’s space there can be greenery. Or take some inspiration from David Lewis’ garden at Chelsea celebrating 75 years of The Roof 

The Ultimate small Space Coat Rack

Gardens in Kensington, both bright and bold and showcasing the accessibility for all. From Virgin’s roof gardens collections in beautiful locations across the world, to Sky Garden in London, there seems no limit to what can be achieved in small high, balcony’s, terraces and courtyards.

For organisation, with a good sense of style is vital, in your outside space, look no further, with our selection of perfect racks and hooks, keeping your tools both accessible and tidy. Even a small shed, if organised well, can in time save you time and money. Making the most of your wall space and hanging your tools and mower on hooks, means you will no longer spend time searching for that rake or bag of soil but you’ll be thankfully surprised to find them at ease and feel happier getting on with your gardening jobs.

Garden Rules Coat Rack

So what’s the best to use? Old garden crates or pallets can be so useful in gardens and sheds, providing both a vintage and organisation solution. Whilst, many things often get tangled up, try using trellis on a wall, and if you don’t even have a shed, why not try creating a small garden tool centre on any spare space in your home such as a hallway or conservator; nailing old crates and hooks. So what are you waiting for? Whilst we can’t always predict the weather you can always utilise gardening space to its best advantages and when the sun presents itself you can then maximise 

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opportunities for socialising and relaxation in your small outside space. Spending time outdoors can have all sorts of benefits from boosting your focus and creativity to improving your mood, self esteem and vitamin D levels. Just a little organisation and pre-planning is all that’s needed and then its time to sit back and enjoy. 

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