Here at Lovehooks one of our favourite trends at the moment is shabby chic. From our range of vintage style hanging hearts to our Oval Hand Mirror Coat Hook and other shabby chic style coat hooks we find this timeless aesthetic the perfect way to add a bit of effortless elegance to your home. There’s something charming in striking the perfect balance between old and new. 

Shabby Chic heart

Shabby chic stands for simple and uncluttered, natural, textural (e.g. exposed wood, wicker or woven materials) and often weathered or worn-looking. Today, there’s no need to search high and low for the perfect vintage piece as you can find handicrafts, salvaged furniture and vintage textiles pretty much everywhere! Or else you can easily achieve the look with a little DIY. What’s even better, a shabby chic design is easy and inexpensive to achieve. Here are a few ideas to get you going: 

1. You don’t need everything in your home looking worn out and chippy. Simply adding a few weathered pieces into a simple, elegantly designed room will suffice. For instance, some of our vintage hooks on your walls or 

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mismatched antique frames for your art. 

2. In the bedroom, white, sumptuous bedding creates a light and restful atmosphere. White-on-white patterns, multiple layers and intricate needlework detail are perfect for achieving this look. 

3. Turn storage into a feature. You can give drawers or dressers that well loved look by sanding them down, applying a couple of coats of white or pastel paint and replacing the handles with pretty ceramic knobs. You could even match them with our lovely Antique brass effect Double Hook with Ceramic knobs. 

4. Add a bit of sophistication to contrast the more rustic furniture. One great way to do this is with ornate lighting fixtures or mirrors. Don’t forget, it’s all about balance. 

5. Remember that while shabby chic is all about clean, white elegance, rooms still need a grounding element. Exposed wooden floors and other wicker and woven textiles are excellent and earthy ways to do this.



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