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Believe it or not, we are undeniably a nation of animal lovers. Its in our heritage, ever since we set up the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, back in 1840 we have had a culture founded in preserving animal welfare, respect and dignity.

And its definitely showed in the stats, with half of all brits keep a minimum of one pet and with British household’s home to a total estimated 7.7 million cats and 6.6 million dogs.

Rabbits Rack

Animals and pets make great companions, not only do they provide us with love and attention but there has been studies that have linked pet ownership to better health. Recently the Animal Welfare Institute revealed, it can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, less incidence of heart disease, and lower overall health care costs, making us happier and healthier. 

There are numerous benefits of having pets, and sharing love with our furry friends, so its no wonder we spend near £4bn a year on pampering them. If you need a little motivation to exercise, dogs can act as the perfect personal trainer, taking them for walks frequently, or jogging and running. Pets offer unconditional love, so when you’re having a bad day they’ll be there for you, whatever the mood. Equally, animal companionship can combat feelings of loneliness and bringing happiness to every day life.

Black Labrador

So with most of us loving animals and owning pets ourselves, what better way to spread that love around your home, than with décor and accessories. We have a variety of animal, bird and fish hooks, all with unique characters and style, ensuring you can keep your house tidy and organised with flare. Whether you would like a delightful, yet cheeky, dog coat hooks to represent your pet as an integrated member of the family, or simply ones decorated withbirds showing your love for wildlife,we have it sorted.  

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