For a lot of people, the garage becomes a bit of a dumping ground for miscellaneous bits and pieces that either don’t have their own place or are ‘we’ll get around to fixing’ things. If left neglected, garages can become pretty scary places, with old nails and broken parts hiding in corners like little booby traps. Nevertheless, with a bit of TLC, your garage can quickly become an easy-to-use, well-organised space once again. What’s more, summer is the perfect time to give it a spruce.

Here are a few organisation tips that might help free up some space and declutter your garage:

  1. Sturdy, wrought iron coat hooks can be used to save any coats or jackets from piling up in mounds on the dusty floor. From sports equipment to shooting jackets, anything that’s too bulky to be in the house can hang nicely on strong, outdoor hooks.
  2. Other items, like bags, keys, ropes or dog leads, could benefit from being hung up out of the way when not needed. There’s a variety of different garage racks that you can hang in either a shed or a garage, which can successfully offer a means to declutter your garage and free up precious floor space, as well as making your things easier to find when you need them.
  3. For those of us without a wine cellar, the garage often doubles as a place to keep bottles cool. Instead of letting boxes pile up and get dusty, why not neatly stack your bottles on a wine rack? You can more easily see what you’ve got in stock, which saves you accidentally buying duplicates. Plus, it looks a lot neater than lining bottles up on the floor, where they could easily smash or, like dominoes, topple over in a chain reaction that’ll have you chasing after rolling, runaway wine! Simple, wall-hanging wine racks are an aesthetic option, clearing floor space and offering an eye-level view of what you’ve got ready to drink. These can be a neat display not only in the garage, but in the kitchen, too.
  4. Garages across Britain have been hit hard by the cycling fad that’s swept the country in recent years. If you’ve got a whole family’s worth of bicycles leant up against each other, you might consider investing in some wall mounts from which you can hang your bikes (again using wall space to free up floor space!). It’ll mean they’re less likely to fall over and get scratched, too, and you won’t lose anything that falls between multiple stacked-up pedals and wheels.
  5. Decluttering your garage involves both organisation and throwing out things you no longer use. Whilst you’re hanging your new coat hooks or reorganising your wine, be ruthless with things you have used for years or that the kids have forgotten about. Throw out your junk to optimise space and make sure that your new hooks and racks aren’t wasted on things you won’t even use. If you can’t bring yourself to do this, you’ll never fully be able to declutter your garage!

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