You might not have thought of it before, but combining modern and antique looks can actually create some surprisingly perfect décor matches. The desire to own the newest, shiniest pieces for our homes has given way to a need to fill our homes with unique pieces that have a story to tell and have stood the test of time. The popularity of antique and vintage styles may have developed as a result of the economic recession, during which many of us had smaller disposable incomes and thus revitalizing old furniture or objects with a rich heritage became the trend.Queen Style Fork Coat hook

Now, many people often wonder how to achieve this look and where to find antiques at an affordable price. For starters, we’d suggest trying to get off the beaten path. For example, visit flea markets and antique fairs, such as those in London, Bristol and Bath. Eclectic vintage treasures are both uniquely beautiful and useful. Unite an odd collection of household objects by displaying items that colour-match tonally. For a more traditional space, antique whites work best because they provide a lived-in feel to a room. However, many of us aren’t sure how to really pull off the look. We’re scared of making our homes look like our grandma’s attic! But the key to getting it right is getting the perfect balance - an eclectic mix of old and new. Not all of your furniture needs to be antique, either. Something as simple as  antique hooks, mirrors or picture frames could help achieve the look. Antique furniture can be really expensive, so the perfect solution is to simply add these kinds of antique accessories to your interiors instead. For example, our antique hooks - which are often made of reclaimed pieces of wood or reproduction items - have been finished in a vintage style to give that desired antique look.

French Antique look Coat RackSometimes, people feel like they can’t pull the antique look off because their home is just too modern. But strangely this can be the perfect starting point. Remember, opposites always attract! Another thing to always remember is that the antique objects you choose to put in your home should tell a story. Antique accessories can subtly map where you’ve been and where you’re going. Moreover, variety is the spice of life and layering your home with different periods can create a cosy, comfortable home. Just as if you would contrast colours from opposite sides of the colour wheel, try mixing different collections and furniture from different eras. For instance, I like to use three different antique hooks in a row or mix them with other styles to create that effortlessly eclectic style.

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