We've just listed a new Cast Iron Hook which is more decorative than the traditional Victorian Double Hook which made us think that choosing the right hook for your room, wall or door is not necessarily straight forward. So we thought that would would hi-lite a few things that you should consider. 

Style - What is the period of your room?

Size - What are you trying to hang?

Shape - What/where is the space that you are looking to position your hook?

Colour - Kitchens can often take a bit of colour so considering the Painted hooks is great.

We are now supplying Builders as well as hotels and B&B's with a big emphasis on restoration and refurb. The last finishing touches will make all the difference on getting the complete look you are after.

The Addison hook shown below will soon be added. This is a range that we shall be continually increasing so please keep an eye out and always feel free to ask for specific requirements if you can't find what you are looking for

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