Yes indeed Easter is just around the corner and if you are like me time in the garden weeding,planting, sowing, mowing, digging is great fun and very rewarding. Today I dug away a corner of my lawn and prepped it for strawberry plants. But all that digging was extremely hot so off came my jumper which was then duly thrown on the lawn, only to be wet when I put it back on. Silly really when I have all these fabulous CAST IRON coat hooks which are so decorative there is no reason why you and I couldn't position then around the garden walls and fences for hanging jumpers, bags and so on. There is the specific GARDEN rack which is great for lots of things, but also the really funky tap hooks including the Wheel which can be bought in the set of three for ONLY £10. 

Looking a little further the need for hanging tools in the garage or Garden shed needs just a little somethings Special and if course we have just the answer with this fabulous 

Garden Tool Rack

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