Where to hang your wet coats. 

It's raining, it's pouring and it has been the wettest year in the UK for 250 years give or take the odd day .. that's quite something and just a little depressing to say the least. 


why not cheer yourself up when you arrive back home sodden to the bone? or send a chum a gift in the post?  Hang up your coat or Jacket on a Cheerfulcharacterfulbeautifuldifferent coat hook or rack. Something that enhances your wall and room with decorative appeal. Gone are the days of the bog standard rack. Hanging solutions are now considered as part of the interior design of your house and home, guest house and office. Be unique,stand out from the crowd, make a statement to your guests when they cross your threshold. 

Here at LOVEHOOKS, we have over 200 hooks and Coat Racks for your to choose from

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