Have you just moved into your new place and discovered that your bathroom is tiny? Or, maybe you’ve been just about coping with a small bathroom for many years but would like to finally organise it? Although your bathroom might look small, there’s probably a lot of potential space you haven’t realised yet. You just have to look for it and use it carefully. With these simple hacks, you can organise a small bathroom as effectively as if it was double the size! 

1. Vertical Space 

Always layer your space – look at the vertical space available in your bathroom and add different layers of hooks and racks. Another tip is to use hooks combined with a shelf rather than just the hooks on their own, that way you get shelf space and hanging space! 


small hooks like these are useful to install at different heights in your bathroom. Bright bold colours make them into a feature. 

2. That Space above the toilet 

Don’t forget about the area above the toilet, this space is perfect for storing all of your toiletries. Think about a shelf to organise your magazines, toilet rolls, or even a couple of interesting feature books for guests to flick through. 



reference books like these offer a snapshot of your interests and hobbies. Pick informative books with plenty of pictures! 

3. Space below the Sink 

This is one of the most underused spaces in a bathroom - you’d be surprised how many people don’t make full use of it! It can help to organise a small bathroom’s extensive collection of bottles, creams, and gels. Try to find a rack or cupboard that will mould around the shape of your sink and use it for storage. 


4. Space above/beside the sink 

One great tip is to buy spice racks or similar storage systems and use them to store toiletries. This is useful for those who acquire hundreds of small pots, bottles, and gels of bath and shower products as birthday and Christmas presents!  


5. Mirror space 

You might want to consider investing in a mirror that doubles up as a cupboard. The extra cost will be worth it as you can keep your mirror but also benefit from a hidden storage space. You could also install hooks underneath your mirror for towels as another simple way to organise a small bathroom. 


6. Door Space 

This is one of easiest hacks to organise a small bathroom. Use this space wisely by installing several of your favourite hooks for towels, dressing gowns, and wash bags. You could also mount a towel rack on the door like the one pictured 


7. Above the Door 

Okay we admit, the shelf above the door works best for those who are very tall. But it’s a great way to organise a small bathroom, and it’s also a fantastic place to create a decorative display. You can use a ladder or step to reach it, arrange a few items in a nice feature display, and then you will only need to reach the shelf occasionally to dust and clean. Try placing some of your books on the shelf, and watch as they magically frame your door, adding character to your small bathroom. When choosing your books try to avoid your favourites, though, as they may become damaged by all the steam and condensation! 


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